Welcome to my website, which is dedicated to my three passions.

I started to teach yoga because I wanted to share  my love for it with others. For me yoga was the beginning of a spiritual journey. It started by making me aware of my body and then I realised that my changing attitude on the mat could be applied to life off the mat.

Reiki was my second amazing discovery. First it taught me to trust my intuition. Then it opened me up to the subtle vibrations of energy on a higher level. By the  time I completed my training I knew I had to use this as a tool to help heal others and to teach others to be the same. I run regular Reiki trainings

Bach Flower Remedies have been a real helping hand in my life. The essences have supported me through difficult periods and consequently, helped me grow as a person. I use them for myself, my family, my friends and find them essential in creating a healthy balanced life. I do private consultations and I love teaching people how to use them for themselves. I run regular workshops where I combine yoga and Bach Flower Remedies.

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