About Me

I am Esme and I’m originally from Madrid in Spain. I’ve spent nearly half my life in Edinburgh so I consider myself half Scottish, helped along by the fact that my husband and two children are most definitely Scottish!

Yoga is my therapy, the way I know how to ground myself, to be present, to live in awareness. It is my battery; it is what keeps me lively, happy and enthusiastic .

I teach both Hatha, Vinyasa Flow with strong focus on alignment and breath and encouraging balance between strength and flexibility. I teach with a great sense of joy, energy and compassion and my classes are fun, challenging and dynamic. People can explore and challenge their bodies and mind.

To balance the dynamic practices I love teaching Yin yoga workshops.

My most favourite thing is running yoga retreats, what I have been doing at least twice a year since 2014

In general I like feeling strong physically. As well as yoga, I like cycling, climbing, aerial and trapeze. I love energy work, using my body as a channel to heal myself and others. I complement yoga and energy work with Bach Flower Remedies, all of them help me develop and approach life in a holistic way.