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by Emma Bell on Yoga with Esme
What a wonderful retreat!

I have just finished my second Spanish yoga retreat with Esme and this year was even better than last! Esme puts her full energy in to making the experience special for everyone. The yoga was fantastic and the food and location sublime. I recommend it! I now feel refreshed, fit and ready to make some changes in life for the better. You deserve to treat yourself to this retreat!

by Diego on Yoga with Esme
A class of its own

I can't recommend enough yoga with Esme. She promotes a can-do attitude and brings her amazing energy to every session. I'm always looking forward to practice yoga with Esme. A real treat for me.

I think yoga is tool box for self help and I'm glad my classes help you. Thank you for taking the time to write it down.

by Sarah Burnet on Yoga with Esme
Love your Classes!

Esme, thank you! I love your classes and they are the highlight of the week!

by Carol on Yoga with Esme

These classes are great! The stretches totally compliment the sports activities in my life and help me to unwind. The Sunday session is a perfect way to end the weekend and prepare me for the week ahead.

by Sonya on Yoga with Esme

Yin yoga is hard to describe but it really works. In our 'go-faster, do-more, be-busy' lifestyles it's great to find something that recommends slowing down to help you keep fit. Especially when I'm feeling tired I know it'll be worth going to the class because I'll emerge feeling calm, centred and balanced in my body again.

by Louise on Yoga with Esme

Time-For-Myself! Thanks Esme, I love these classes.

by Gail Cormack on Yoga with Esme
Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is for everyone who would like to remain flexible whatever their age. Esme is an experienced yoga teacher full of vitality and enthusiasm. I feel relaxed and positive after a Yin Yoga class.

by Wendy on Yoga with Esme
Yin Yoga Class

Esme's Yin Yoga class is a wonderful stretch and relaxation for all ages, but as an 'old person, I find it really good for allowing time for my muscles to stretch. I just love the ambience and Esme's vitality.

by Chris Davies on Yoga with Esme

I was new to this and I highly rate Esme's classes as a great way to progress, enjoy and benefit from Yoga. Although I go running and cycling, I'm not good at stretching in my own time so really appreciate the guidance and structure Esme provides each class .

by Elena Sanz on Yoga with Esme

I started doing yoga with Esme 5 years ago and the moment I met her I knew I didn’t want to have a different yoga teacher! She’s dynamic and encouraging but also knows how to make all of us improve! I certainly look forward to each of my yoga classes on Wednesdays!I love yoga so much that I did my first yoga and nutrition retreat ever with Esme last October. What was not to like about this weekend experience? The house in which we stayed was beautiful and comfortable. The food was amazing and we had time to do yoga, some meditation as well as to wonder around! It was a great way of disconnecting from everything and I came back home feeling energised and relaxed! I would totally recommend it

by Anna Holzberger on Yoga with Esme

Esme is a great teacher - incredibly motivating and committed to help everyone in class across different abilities get the most out of their practice. Before joining her, I would try the occasional taster here and there without getting "into it". Now I am looking forward to her practice all week and am noticing how my strength, balance and confidence have grown over only few months. Thank you Esme!

by Ella Paul on Yoga with Esme

Reiki has helped me in only two sessions. I suffer from a severe mental health illness and take heavily sedating medication each day. It is difficult for me to function on day to day life. When I first started reiki I didn't know how I could feel better from it. After the first session I didn't feel the miraculous happiness I thought I would but the day after, the day after that and then the day after after that... things started to get better in a way that I felt balanced - not superficial happiness but in the middle where I felt content. Thank you, Esme.

by Mary Macfarlane on Yoga with Esme

Yoga with Esme is always challenging but great fun, she radiates positivity which lifts you no matter how bad you were feeling. I have been on three of her retreats which all have been an amazing experience and I have met some fantastic people.

by Melanie Scott on Yoga with Esme

I love Esme's Wednesday evening beginners' class! She is a brilliant and really encouraging teacher. I love the way she demonstrates poses and also checks students' poses and provides both group and individual feedback. Most of all I love her enthusiasm - it is infectious and makes me want to learn more! Thank you Esme. Melanie

by Anita Ashcroft on Yoga with Esme

Yoga with Esme is life changing. She works you hard but you feel the benefits. The health and energy boost felt by attending her classes is invaluable. Esme is a joy to do yoga with - her positivity and enthusiasm is inspiring.

by Gillian Currie on Yoga with Esme

I attend Esme's classes which rejuvenate and relax you. I have been involved with a couple of her retreats which are fabulous - combining relaxation, strengthening and increasing flexibility with beautiful settings, great food and advice on lifestyle and nutrition leaving you feeling renewed. Esme herself is wonderfully encouraging.

by Mhairi MacDonald on Yoga with Esme

Esme is a joyous and welcoming teacher, who is intent on building your confidence in poses that you never thought you could do. I always leave her sessions on a natural high.

by Annabel Ross on Yoga with Esme

Couldn't agree more with everyone's comments Esme is the cats whiskers

by Elizabeth Jane Shelton on Yoga with Esme

Love Esme's classes. I leave the class with a very positive mind and less aches. I would recommend her to anyone.