Create Incredible Sequences

One of the great challenges when structuring the yoga class is to link the asanas in such a way that the students, regardless of their starting point, can progress in their practice in a safe manner. Mastering order and fluidity requires teaching experience plus anatomical knowledge. 

As vinyasa teachers, it is common to feel the pressure of always having to create a completely new sequence for every class. But we learn by repetition! What we can do is build a series of classes with the same focal points, but which vary in the poses we choose.

The Art of Creating Sequences provides you with tools to help you plan the concatenation of postures in a way that there are variations for different abilities. It includes both the structure of individual classes and the building of multi-week programs with specific objectives.

By the end of the 12 hours you will have:

  • A platform to follow to create balanced, intelligent sequences,
  • Lots of mini flows base on mobility and stability, and on strength and flexibility,
  • The capability of picking poses to pair with different objectives,
  • An understanding on how to make your transitions seamless so the class flows beautifully, and
  • The ability to respond to the needs of the class in a specific moment. 


Mainly for teachers, but anyone interested in learning to sequence correctly is welcome.


3rd and 4th June Orange Tree Yoga

Alleviate boredom and prevent burnout with Yoga with Esme’s sequencing loophole! 


The focus of the Art of Creating Sequences is to:


The Art of Creating Sequencing covers:

The Art of Creating Sequences FAQs

Have a question about our Art of Creating Sequencing training? Get in touch!

Yes! The Art of Creating Sequencing is going to be streamed at the same time as the in-person event. You can enrol in either, but please be aware that there will be no recording sent out for the online event.

This is actually the English version of our extremely successful Spanish short course. If you want to do the training in Spanish, please follow @YWESpain on Instagram to find out when we’ll next be running it.