Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Yoga

This is a flowing style, building a sequence of traditional yoga asanas that are linked with the ujjayi breath to make it a powerful, yet fun and invigorating practice. This style of yoga builds strength as well as flexibility, improving your cardiovascular capacity.
Classes are fun and challenging but options are given to suit different abilities. These classes suit anyone with a some yoga experience or fit beginners.


Beginners Yoga Course

This course is for complete beginners or anyone who has not practice yoga for a while and wants to start slowly. It is for people working in desk jobs to move the body and calm the mind. We cover everything you need to know to confidently attend drop-in classes and to start a practice at home. We work on balance, strength, flexibility as well as techniques to calm the mind and gain focus. Each class begins with a short breathing exercise before warming up the body and working on a different focus posture to end with a well earned relaxation. Over the course we focus on postures to open the hips and shoulders, strengthen the arms and legs, bring flexibility to the spine and gain awareness of where we may be holding tension in the body.

One to One Tailored Sessions

These personalised sessions are devised completely around you, your goals and needs and the needs of your body. Wether you want to start yoga class but feel you need some guidance and instruction, you want to increases your flexibility, work on a specific area of your body, soul or mind or simply improve your technique theses personalised sessions will be of great benefit to you.

Available in the comfort of your own home, I am able to bring all the equipment we could possibly need so all that is required from you is time to invest in yourself. Even a busy schedule is no excuse for you not to be kind to your body.

Your 1-2-1 session can also include some Reiki and meditation techniques both of which complement yoga wonderfully.

Yin Yoga Master Class

This is a slow-paced style of yoga where poses, or asanas, are held for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga has the same goals and objectives as any other schools of yoga but the target is connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and even the joints of the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

This style of yoga suits all levels and abilities and it is a perfect  complement to the dynamic forms of yoga or any other physical exercise which focuses on the muscular tissues.

These master classes are done with bolsters to help you go deeper and relax into the poses. It runs for 2 hours, having the last half an hour for guided relaxation which will leave you relaxed and renewed.

 Dates for Yin  Yoga Master Classes
17th of June