Yoga is a toolbox. It’s a practice. It’s therapy. Yoga is you becoming a student of your own body. It’s you becoming aware of what your body needs. It’s the knowledge of how to deal with your emotions, your physicality and your spirituality. Whether you’re looking for an emotional health boost, treatment for back pain or arthritis, or simply a way to enjoy being in your own skin, with a clear energised mind, yoga is the answer. And who better to teach you than a woman who has been living and breathing it for over fifteen years!

Customised Yoga Retreats

Feeling stressed? Don’t have time to do yoga regularly? Need some ‘me’ time? Let Esme help! You bring the friends, Esme will do the rest: the perfect location, the perfect schedule, she can even bring along a chef and a masseuse! Click here for more information.

Private Classes

Esme’s available to hire for private classes at your home. It’s ideal for people whose schedule doesn’t allow for the classes, for individuals not comfortable with a group setting, for two-to-one sessions or as preparation to join a class. Click here for more information.

Yoga in Offices

Yoga has proven to help relieve stress while increasing productivity, motivation and concentration. The best bit? You can do it sitting at your desk! Just give Esme a call and she’ll come into your work to show you how. Click here for more information.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki focuses on promoting healing and health through deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension that could affect your whole energy. Esme is a Reiki Master. Not only does she run sessions, she can train you too! Click here for more information.

Upcoming Retreats

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  This day is a special invitation to experience practices that include Meditation, Pranayama, Powerful Visualisation Techniques, Myofascial Release and of course Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Practices. This day is a present to yourself or to others.

27th September 2020 (FULL)

11th of October

1st November (6 spaces left)

Esme-Yoga With Esme

Esme first fully committed to yoga when she became a mother and with no time to herself, it was this that gave her the helping hand she needed. It was her release, an opportunity to feed her soul, to find balance.

Yoga gave Esme a greater awareness of life and sensed there was something else out there for her. Looking for the missing element, it was Reiki that saved her and gave her the answers she was looking for. It taught her to trust her gut instinct, her intuition. Now, she lives by it.

Using Reiki as a guide for better decision making in daily life, this keeps her connected to the greater source that is now her internal compass.

Esme has turned her passion into a career, choosing to share the positive impact its had on her, with others. In a healing environment, she gives her students and clients the opportunity to grow spiritually, push their bodies physically and embrace who they are. She believes the best teacher is one’s self and her job is simply to pass on her knowledge to help others to practice yoga and heal in a safe manner. This gives them the tools they need to build a strong body, mind and soul.

Esme is firm believer that yoga is a practice and not an achievement. She regularly attends yoga classes and  has one-on-one sessions with her own yoga mentor in order to continue advancing. She attends workshops, trainings and retreats for her personal and professional development, on a regular basis.

These practices have fuelled her interest in a holistic approach to life. She has a committed daily meditation practice, follows Ayurvedic lifestyle habits and using Bach Flower Remedies to support herself through life ups and down. Kineseology is her latest passion, having just completed a year’s long foundation course giving her fresh insights to the complexities of being human.

Contact Esme and write the next chapter of your life today.

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