Bed Time Yoga Routine

This sequence is ideal to help put your mind and body in a relaxed state before bed.

Start in child pose; separating your legs, bringing your buttocks towards your heels and bring the hands in front. Relax your head and take a few moments. Deepen your breath, allowing your body to receive with your inhale and release with your exhale.

Pressing the hands into the floor, keep the knees and the ankles in line, inhale and look up, exhale and put bring the chin towards the chest, arching the spine. We’re going to do this five times.

Bring your buttocks back towards your heels, bring those hands behind. With your fingertips on the floor, open the chest, release the hip back.

Lift the pelvis all the way towards the ceiling. Holding the positions.

Walking the hands forward, bringing your right knee forward, come into a pigeon pose.

Here if you have a bolster, feel free to use it. Let’s stretch the arms in front of the body – press your head on the bolster. Rest.

If you decide that you want to take this posture a little bit deeper, you can always tuck the left toes under, lift the knee off the floor, push your left heel back, and maybe then walk your left foot towards your right. That will increase the stretch in your right leg. 

If you feel your upper body needs a stretch, you can always keep your right hand on the floor and bring your left hand under the right armpit, as you drop your right shoulder down, and place the left side of the face onto the floor. 

You can always bring a block under the face. 

Stay here and breathe, allowing your hips and your lower back to release.

Walk your right hand toward the knee, come up, as you bring your left leg right to the outside of your right foot. Right hand comes from the floor, lifting the spine, and twisting towards the left. Again, balancing the body, balancing the spine, releasing any tension. 

Keep rolling the shoulders back and if you move your head forwards and back, any tension in your neck will start releasing.

Coming all the way to the centre, extending your left leg, bring your right leg here to the inside of your left thigh as you raise the arms all the way up.

Then slowly release, fall forwards. 

Again, if you have a bolster, you can place the bolster here and relax your head in the bolster.

On your inhale to come up, releasing your right leg forward, bending your left knee, bringing your right leg back, doing the same thing on the other side. Simply coming into pigeon pose and any variation of this position that applies to you.

So simply stay here, you can also bring our left foot slightly more forwards if the body allows it to. If your right hip then lifts, you can bring a block under your left hip to support it. You can melt the chest towards the floor.

You could bring the hands on the bolster in front. This is your practice, your body, and your way of releasing. Do what you feel your body needs!

And walking the hands towards your knee, bringing your right foot to the outside of the left, bringing your right hand behind, holding your knee, as you lengthen the spine and simply start twisting towards it. Again, really look forwards and back.

Have another couple of deep breathes here. Feel free to exhale through your mouth to let go. 

Coming back into the centre, extending your right leg keeping your left leg in that tree position, raising your arms all the way towards the ceiling. 

With your exhale, hold the foot, bend the elbows, forehead will come towards the right shin. 

Or maybe if it doesn’t happen, place a block, something that you can place the top of your forehead on it. Feel free to sigh, and to just… let go of the day.

Inhaling, coming up. Exhaling, straighten the legs. 

And now bring your hands to your chest and bow forward. 

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