30 Mar

While other people validating you and your work is important, the best way to become empowered is to do it yourself!

Here are my top three ways to empower yourself:


Tapping is an alternative treatment also known as EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique. Each point of tapping corresponds to a meridian in your body, and each meridian corresponds to an organ or gland. By tapping these areas, you bring balance to your energetic body. 

It can make you feel a little silly to begin with, but when you hit that perfect point, you’ll feel amazing!


Another way to empower yourself is to take a moment to review your day so far – it doesn’t have to be the end of your day, and it doesn’t just have to be once. Just start listing out everything you’ve done today that has made a change.

What about the things you’ve done that has made an impact on the day of others?

  • Did you smile at the receptionist this morning?
  • Did you reply with kindness to an angry email?
  • Did you tell someone how good they did on a task?
  • Did you make someone a coffee or tea while making your own?

Acknowledging your wins, however small, makes you feel good about yourself, and you subconsciously try to fill your day with more!  


My favourite is repeating the mantra YES, I CAN!

This is great if you’re lacking in confidence or stressed about something you have to do. Spread your arms as wide as you can. Your legs too! You are a star! Make yourself as big as possible. Notice how you feel. Now say, YES, I CAN!  

Repeat it: Yes, I can! Yes, I can! YES, I CAN! 

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