senior yoga teacher, reiki & akashic record master

About Esme

Esme first fully committed to Reiki and Yoga when she became a mother and had no time for herself. They were her release, an opportunity to feed her soul, to find balance. Yoga gave her awareness of life and Reiki gave her the answers she was looking for. Now, she lives by them both.

Esme’s popularity comes from her ability to teach straight from the heart. She uses her own experiences, listens to her body’s inner-wisdom and combines it with an insight on self-healing to understand the needs of her students and help them on and off the mat. In a healing environment, Esme gives her students and clients the opportunity to grow spiritually, push their bodies physically and embrace who they are. She believes the best teacher is one’s self and her job is simply to pass on the knowledge to help others to practice yoga and heal in a safe manner. This gives them the tools they need to build a strong body, mind and soul. 

Esme teaches with a great sense of joy and energy, compassion and creativity. Her classes are challenging and fun, explorative and rejuvenating, and will leave you with a lasting impression on how you can approach your own personal practice. Knowing that each body is different, she gives variations on each position to suit everyone in the class.

In the past two decades, Esme has built up an outstanding record of qualifications, including:

Call or WhatsApp 078 0085 0307

Call or WhatsApp 078 0085 0307

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