Beyond Yoga with Esme is a new collection of non-yoga related, alternative therapy sessions. All sessions take place in a private therapy room, and everything is sanitised and deep-cleaned before and after each session, following all government guidelines.


Here’s what Esme offers:

Reiki Alignment

Restore your balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – in the comfort of Esme’s therapy room.

Alignment Experience

Incorporating Akashic Records, Kinesiology and Reiki, these sessions relax and trigger self-healing.

Akashic Records

Let Esme access the library of your soul to help spiritual development, personal growth and complete healing.



Do you want to learn techniques to help you grow physically, mentally and spiritually?

Do you have aches or pains you need help to manage or, better still, remove altogether?

Are you a yoga teacher who has problems sequencing or dealing with specific injuries?

Would you like to start meditation but are unsure where to start?


Come join Yoga with Esme’s Wellness Clinic.


Each hour-long session you book is tailored to your specific needs. You also get short videos of practices to do in your own time and, if you’re booking an online session, a copy of the recording!



In Person
(Your Home or Orange Tree)

£70 for 1 hour


For more information


Reiki x3
£1803 Sessions

Reiki x3

  • Three Reiki Sessions
  • Valid for Three Months
  • 90-minutes Each
£25Over the Phone


  • Phone Consultation
  • Remedy Posted to You
  • 1 off
Alignment Plus

Alignment Plus

  • Available only after Alignment Experience
  • Physical, Mental and Alternative
  • Up to 2-hours

Reiki Training

There are three levels of Reiki, each one unique to a specific level of mastery and meaning. Esme offers training in each of the three levels of Reiki, the third of which is traditionally considered the teacher’s level, giving the individual the qualification to attune new Reiki practitioners.


Reiki Level I

This thorough one-day course will be the perfect grounding for your first attunement to Reiki.


It is suitable for complete beginners to practice energy work, as well as anyone wishing to re-do their Reiki training.


You will learn how to treat yourself and heal current and past imbalances. You will be able to give Reiki to others in a non-professional capacity, including pets, plants and places.


Open up to more light in your life. Learn how to use this amazing energy to supercharge your life, turn situations around to serve you better. You will start to feel ‘in the flow’ and make better choices!


If you want to become a practising healer, this is the perfect first step. Includes your take home manual and certificate.


Level I covers:

  • Initiation;
  • Hand positions; and
  • How to treat yourself and others.

Level I also includes an introduction to and history of Reiki and the five Reiki principles, an introduction to the seven Chakras and practical information on giving and receiving Reiki.

Reiki Level II

If you have completed Level 1 and wish to elevate your practice, this course will attune you to Level 2 – whether for personal or professional use.


  • Gain confidence and learn in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • All the symbols and knowledge you need to practice, presented in an easy to understand way by an experienced Reiki Master.
  • You will be able to heal others, send distant healing and accelerate your spiritual growth with a great energy shift. Guided meditations, activations, the aura, how to give treatments to others, setting up a practice, giving treatments, absent healing, Level 2 Attunement to the symbols.
  • Reconnect to your Reiki 1, no matter how much time has passed!

Level II covers:

  • Reiki symbols and how to use them;
  • Different methods of distant healing; and
  • Meditation.

Take the next exciting step on your path and learn to treat others in a therapeutic setting. Receive your Level 2 Practitioner certificate upon completion of case studies which can be done over the following months in your own time and by practicing with colleagues.


Please allow at least 21 days between your Reiki Level I training and Reiki Level II. 



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