We are in a time where consciousness is changing, and the universe is screaming for us all to wake up. To start finding our light and merge with it. We are all one, and when we think badly about ourselves or others, we disconnect from our power. This is something that I am still learning, which my latest training – A Course in Miracles – is helping me with. There are many concepts that I’m working on embracing, and I thought I would share these with you all today:
  • THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SIN. Doing the wrong thing is been said to be a ‘sin’ and will incur punishment, but the wrong thing is just an error, and errors can be corrected. It’s so liberating!
  • THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING BEHIND JUDGEMENT. When I find myself judging something or someone, I ask myself: “What is it in me that makes me see this person or situation in this way?" We carry a lot of programming from our childhood, our culture, and what we’re told is good or bad. By realising what it is that is making us think this way, we can let go of the judgement and see the same thing from a place of love and acceptance.
  • FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS. A lot of things that needed forgiveness are subconscious (including the judgement we just talked about). Realising this, and bringing it into consciousness, gives us the change to forgive it and ourselves for having them. It’s so liberating!
  • STRENGTH LIES IN OUR THOUGHTS. The life we have is the projection of our thoughts. We are always hardest on ourselves, and rarely treat ourselves as well as we treat others. It’s important to start with watching how we talk to ourselves – to stop comparing ourselves to others, to let go of other people’s burdens, to allow ourselves to receive. When we do that, good things will come to us.
  • LEARN TO RECEIVE. Giving is easy but, when it comes to receiving, I often find excuses to reject – especially compliments. Now, I am learning to slow down, take the praise, accept the acts of kindness and the words of thanks. In the same way, I verbalise any good thought I have about others.
I am married to a man who is my complete opposite and doesn’t believe in spirituality. I have a teenager who challenge me about everything. I can’t do my job properly because of all the COVID-19 restrictions. Like everyone else, I face problems daily. But I am living a life full of miracles because I have made the choice to pay attention to the blessings each day brings with it. I remind myself that I am worthy of receiving good things in abundance. I make sure that every time something makes me feel uncomfortable, I face it head on because “discomfort brings ends to stagnation.” Hopefully these concepts help you cope better with the challenges life places in your path just as they are helping me.