Vinyasa Yoga

Made to be accessible to EVERYONE, classes incorporate intention setting, pranayama, and a relaxation session.

Office Yoga

Increase productivity and performance, and relieve tension and stress with one of two types of Office Yoga session.

Wellbeing Sessions

Combining practices to help decrease stress and anxiety while boosting creativity and productivity.

Reiki Alignment

Restore your balance – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – in the comfort of Esme’s therapy room.

Yin Yoga

Two-hour masterclasses, suitable for all levels and abilities, including guided meditation and relaxation.

Two-to-One Sessions

Sessions devised around the abilities of you and your partner and the needs of your bodies, in your home.


Two-hour session guiding you through the use of therapy balls to massage, ease tension and eradicate pain.

One-to-One Sessions

Devised around your abilities, your goals, your schedule and the needs of your body, and even brought to your home.

Alignment Experience

Incorporating Akashic Records, Kinesiology and Reiki, these sessions relax and trigger self-healing.

Akashic Records

Let Esme access the library of your soul to help spiritual development, personal growth and complete healing.