Whether they’re classes, private sessions or masterclasses,
every session you take with Esme will make you feel at ease from the moment you arrive.


Throughout her years teaching, Esme has learned to read what each body needs and adapts her sessions to the individuals in the room with her so everyone is catered for. Classes are complete practices that incorporate sankalpa (intention setting), sun salutations, standing poses to strengthen your legs,  sitting poses to help your spine, inversions to balance the nervous system and savasana (relaxation) for integration.


So, from beginner to advanced classes, Vinyasa to Yin, group to individual sessions, in your office or in the comfort of your own home…
Here’s what Esme offers:

Vinyasa Yoga

Made to be accessible to EVERYONE, classes incorporate intention setting, pranayama, and a relaxation session.

Office Yoga

Increase productivity and performance, and relieve tension and stress with one of two types of Office Yoga session.

Wellbeing Sessions

Combining practices to help decrease stress and anxiety while boosting creativity and productivity.

Yin Yoga

Two-hour masterclasses, suitable for all levels and abilities, including guided meditation and relaxation.

Two-to-One Sessions

Sessions devised around the abilities of you and your partner and the needs of your bodies, in your home.


Two-hour session guiding you through the use of therapy balls to massage, ease tension and eradicate pain.

One-to-One Sessions

Devised around your abilities, your goals, your schedule and the needs of your body, and even brought to your home.

Yoga for Athletes

Helping you to strengthen the muscles required for the sport of the week (runners, swimmers, cyclists, climbers).

Burnout Prevention Programme

Teaches employees the best ways to prevent burnout so they aren’t forced to take time off work to recover later.

The Toolbox

Yoga is a toolbox. It’s a practice. It’s therapy. Yoga is you becoming a student of your own body. It’s you becoming aware of what your body needs. It’s the knowledge of how to deal with your emotions, your physicality and your spirituality. Whether you’re looking for an emotional health boost, treatment for back pain or arthritis, or simply a way to enjoy being in your own skin, with a clear energised mind, yoga is the answer. And who better to teach you than a woman who has been living and breathing it for over two decades!

Esme Toolbox

All private sessions with Esme can be done in either English OR Spanish!

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Class Passes

Make the most out of Yoga with Esme, both online and in-person, with our Class Passes.


5-Class Pass
£42.50Valid for 3 months

5-Class Pass

  • Access to Five Online Classes
  • Concessions Available
10-Class Pass
£75Valid for 3 months

10-Class Pass

  • Access to Ten Online Classes
  • Concessions Available
Monthly Pass
£50Valid for 1 Month

Monthly Pass

  • Access to ALL Online Classes & Vimeo Library
  • Discounted In-Person Classes


Beyond Yoga with Esme

For Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Akashic Records and various other healing sessions, visit our BEYOND Yoga with Esme page here.


Edinburgh Day Retreats

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