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Book With EsmeEsme is constantly updating her qualifications and adding new ones. In the past decade, her training has grown to include:

200 hours of Ashtanga teacher training with Yoga Alliance;
Yoga Bananas – a training course in Yoga for Children;
20 hours of Mindfulness training;
Reiki 1, 2, 3 and Reiki Masters;
Shamanic Training;
Level 1 and 2 of Bach Flower Remedies 50 hours of Ayurveda – the Yogi system of medicine for body and mind;
Level 1 and 2 of Akashic Records – Accessing the truth about your soul.

50 hours of Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Alliance;
80 hours of Advance Meditation Training with Dr. Joe Dispenza;
70 hours of Kinesiology at foundation level;
70 hours of Yoga Tune Up teacher training;
CPDs in Anatomy, Yoga Adjusting, Thai Massage, and Hand Stands.

For more information, a quote, to book a private session or just to say ‘hello’ email Esme on, call her at 07800850307 or simply fill in the form below:

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