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To get in touch directly with Esme:

        Call/WhatsApp 078 0085 0307

Alternatively, you can send us a direct message on social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @yogawithesme.

Yoga with Esme is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We do, however, offer events across Spain at various points in the year. To find out more about our Spanish events, follow @ywespain on Instagram.

All classes are English.

Spanish is Esme’s mother tongue, though, so book a 121 or 221 session and request Spanish as your preferred language.

Of course! We have a number of options for people who can’t make it to our regular in-person classes. You can: 

a)Join us online (the class are available to book on the same schedule as in-person classes).

b) Subscribe to Yoga on VIMEO to gain access to prerecorded sessions.

c) Book in private 121 or 221 sessions with Esme herself. 

All private sessions need to be booked directly with Esme. You can either: 

        Call/WhatsApp 078 0085 0307

Yes we do!

Yoga with Esme’s customised yoga retreats cater for you and are perfect for groups of eight to twelve people. Learn to heal and balance yourself, deal with stress and anxiety, all while having a social life with the people you love most! Simply decide on a location and possible dates, tell her what you want from the retreat and how you want to feel afterwards, and let Esme do the rest. From a day of pampering and meditation, to a weekend of yoga and nutrition workshops, Esme’s got you covered on all counts!

Get in touch directly to plan yours.

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