Love Esme’s classes. I leave the class with a very positive mind and less aches. I would recommend her to anyone.

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Yoga With Esme
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 33 reviews
by jacqui simpson on Yoga With Esme
Balls of Fun

Super ‘Roll to Release’ bespoke session today with friends and family customised by Esme for our runners, hockey and rugby players and general sports enthusiasts. Great way to spend a Sunday morning - and lots of learning how to release our fascia to take forward ourselves. If anyone looking for an unusual gift for your loved ones -Esme is your woman! thank you Esme

It was a great day. Well done for thinking to give this event to your family for their Christmas. I really enjoyed meeting them all.

by jill on Yoga With Esme
Yoga for Runners

Had an excellent 2 hour yoga session for runners last week with Esme. Reached parts of my body I never knew I had!

Thank you Jill, I'm glad you enjoyed the Yoga for Runners session. I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

by Emma Lennox on Yoga With Esme
Yoga for Runners workshop

Fantastic workshop - Esme is wonderful and I would highly recommend all her classes. She will always encourage & I always leave having learnt something !!!

Thank you Emma for your words. Im glad you always learn something by attending classes. See you soon.

by Emma Bell on Yoga With Esme
runner's workshop

great workshop yesterday Esme! Ideal for working those troublesome areas for runners. I would recommend it!

Thank you Emma for your feed back. I cant believe how many runners there are. Im glad you found the class useful.

by Kirsty on Yoga With Esme
Masqui 2019

I have just completed my second Spanish retreat with Esme, at the glorious location of Masqui. If you feel the need to be restored to a sense of calm, and de-stress, this week is highly recommended. Esme, as ever, inspires us all to achieve greater things in our yoga practice, and guides us through meditations, and other approaches to better well being. I certainly benefited from this years visit, enjoyed the food, company and of course the yoga! I intend to make the trip next year too, if I can, and would highly recommend it, as well as Esme's regular classes which keep me sane ( and flexible) meantime!

Thank you Kirsty for being so supported. You are a joy to be around and having you in the retreat is a treat for me. I hope you come next year.

by Christine on Yoga With Esme
Reboot with Esme

I have just finished a fabulous retreat in the Spanish mountains with Esme. We stayed in a wonderful eco hotel run by a friend of hers and there was yoga and meditation every morning, plus varied and interesting sessions on physical, spiritual and mental self care. We also had time to soak up the sunshine and keep in touch with loved ones and business responsibilities via WiFi.
The macrobiotic food was super healthy but also delicious and we also enjoyed organic wines and beers in the evening.
Esme’s warmth, energy and wisdom held the whole experience together - she made time for each participant to have an individual healing session in addition to the group events. She is an excellent yoga teacher and if I lived in Edinburgh I would attend her regular classes. She challenges her students without putting them under too much pressure.
If you can make the time for five day trip to Spain, I wholeheartedly recommend the experience. You will get a new lease of life. Thank you Esme!

Thank you Christine, It was a real pleasure to get to know you, I hope to see you at any upcoming retreats.

by Bing-Yea San on Yoga With Esme

Esme is a wonderful yoga teacher and really encourages you to just go for it! I always look forward to the lunchtime yoga on Fridays at the end of the week to de-stress and helps towards my mindfulness practice plus building strength and flexibility.

Thank you Bing-Yea San, I am glad to read that you enjoy the classes and they are beneficial to you.

by Shelly on Yoga With Esme
Office lunchtime yoga is highly recommended

I’ve been attending a regular lunchtime session held in our office building for a few years and would highly recommend it to anyone, my flexibility has improved a lot which is especially beneficial as I get older!. Esme is genuinely positive person, and has been really effective at catering to the varied strengths and experience of different people in our class. She always show us something new to learn and practice so classes never gets boring. It’s especially helpful that she always highlights poses and stretches we can do back at our desks to help with the sorts of problems that office workers tend to have.

Shelly, you are so kind for writing this review and stating how yoga at the office helps you. Thank you so much! It is always a pleasure having you in class.

by Patricia Anderson on Yoga With Esme
Excellent teacher

Thoroughly enjoyed the day retreat with Esme - would recommend.

Thank you Patricia. It was lovely meeting you and I hope to be part of your yoga journey.

by Annabel Ross on Yoga With Esme
Just do it!

Most people do not do enough for themselves and all I can say is if you only ever do 1 thing for YOU it should, without a doubt be anything run by, organised by or involving this amazing, enthusiastic, fun, kind and giving individual. I have known Esme in a variety of different capacities for over 17 years and she never fails to lift the mind, spirit and various saggy bits, thank you

Ohhhh! Thank you for those words, with people like you, my job is such a pleasure. xxx

by BK on Yoga With Esme
yoga classes

I have been to several of Esme's classes including a day retreat and a 5 day retreat. Also I have been to various types of Yoga with various teachers. I rate Esme as one of the best both for her enthusiasm which she delivers the class but also for the positive energy she shares with her class. However more importantly she delivers a class that can cater to various abilites and experience. She understands the body and the muscle movements so that can be translated to us individually. I feel that I have a much clearer understanding of how to improve and work in my poses. Esme is only one of two people who has been able to do this. I think she is an asset to the Yoga teaching community and passes her infective joy to everyone who passes through her classes.

Thank you so much for this review. I love teaching yoga, I love watching people understanding their own bodies and adapting the practice to suit themselves. It feels me with joy to read that my classes help you.

by Finty on Yoga With Esme
Reiki with esme

I had a reiki session with Esme last month which helped me start making changes in my life. Esme was so enthusiastic and caring throughout the whole experience. I came out feeling less stressed and Esme also passed along some meditations which have helped me with sleep, stress and self confidence. Thank you again!

Thank you Finty, It is encouraging to know that the session helped you. I'm glad you are taking the meditations on board. Keep it up and take small steps in the right direction.

by Ticiana on Yoga With Esme
Simply amazing

Esme is incredible. Her classes have brought a massive change in my whole life, not only in my body. I feel that I am a better person since I met her.

Ticinia, thank you so much for your words, they mean a lot to me.

by Hazel Hunter on Yoga With Esme
Magic hands!

Yoga with Esme is something quite unique. Meditation sessions, especially before the yoga session, are something not to be missed. The benefits from both sessions are felt immediately, and are addictive. The breathing techniques learnt can easily, and effectively, be introduced into daily life. They work! Having started with Esme as a novice, with her help and encouragement, I can feel, and see, my progress both physically and mentally. Thank you Esme. Hx

Thank you Hazel, You are a treasure to have in class, I love your new addiction to yoga.

by Jane Ali-Knight on Yoga With Esme
Recharge and rebalance

The greatest gift you could give anyone in this busy, stressful world we live in is time out to engage in yoga or reiki with Esme. I have been studying Yoga for over 25 years and have never met anyone who is so in tune with both the physical and spiritual sides of yoga practice. No matter how you feel on entering the room with Esme you will leave feeling refreshed, recharged and rebalanced and ready to face whatever the day may bring. Esme thank you for sharing this wonderful expertise and talent. Namaste!

Wow Jane, Thank you very much for those lovely words, they mean a lot to me.

by Rachel Tring on Yoga With Esme

What an amazing retreat. A wonderful mix of yoga, meditation, relaxation, sunshine, girly chats and laughter. Not to mention the fabulous food and nutritional advice from Kate Swaine. Thank you Esme for your energy and positivity, it was just what the doctor ordered ???

by Gayle Ireland on Yoga With Esme

Without a doubt the BEST yoga teacher around - we all love our Yoga with Esme .....xx????

by Eva Jimenez Mora on Yoga With Esme

Esme, thank you so much for such a great yoga retreat last week!!!!

Although my level of yoga is not very good, your experience and talent brought out the best in me. I reached my goal coming back completely renewed.

Thanks also to all the girls. What a fab group and how many good memories for my entire life I have.

It's been a great experience and pretty highly recommended. Please sign me up for next year.

Finally, a big thank you to Sonia from +Qi The Energy House and her entire team for treating us so well and making us feel at home.


Esme, muchísimas gracias por el retiro de yoga de la semana pasada.

A pesar de que mi nivel de yoga no es muy bueno, tu experiencia y talento sacaron lo mejor de mí y conseguiste que volviera completamente renovada.

Gracias también a todas las chicas. Que grupo tan estupendo y que recuerdos tan buenos tengo para toda mi vida.

Ha sido toda una experiencia y muy recomendable. Por favor ve apuntándome para el año próximo.

Por último, mil gracias a Sonia de +Qi The Energy House y a todo su equipo por tratarnos tan bien y hacernos sentir como en casa.

by Emma Bell on Yoga With Esme

I have just finished my second Spanish yoga retreat with Esme and this year was even better than last! Esme puts her full energy in to making the experience special for everyone. The yoga was fantastic and the food and location sublime. I recommend it! I now feel refreshed, fit and ready to make some changes in life for the better. You deserve to treat yourself to this retreat!

by Craig and Jane Walker on Yoga With Esme

My husband has had problems with his back and neck over the last 15 years.  He’s physically very strong but had no flexibility and constant mild pain in his neck.  After going to Esme’s class in Cramond I asked her to come to our house to do lessons for the two of us.  Within a couple of weeks my husband had more flexibility than I had EVER seen him have.  After having had classes with the beautiful Esme for a couple of years Craig’s  is totally transformed and has little or no pain in his neck.  I have also had reiki with Esme and couldn’t recommend it enough.  She is our “ go to girl “ whenever physically , spiritually or mentally we need a boost . A very special person that now has seen various members of our friends and family to help them out too. .    Thank you Esme

by Lizzie Barr on Yoga With Esme

Just back from an amazing Yoga & Reiki Retreat with Esme in Perthshire!What a fabulous weekend. Arrived Friday evening, straight into a yin yoga session, followed by the first of many amazingly health vegan meals, cooked for us by Joanne Bosek. The weekend pretty much carried on like this, we got more and more relaxed and chilled as the hours passed by. We ate more, drank lots of pukka teas, we talked and laughed a LOT with new friends (some of us completely ignoring the silent time!!), we got into lots of new yoga positions and then learnt how to give and receive Reiki. We also walked in the lovely country air, slept in our luxury cosy comfy rooms, and chilled in the hot tub. Got back home to my family tonight, feeling well rested and relaxed and very happy to see them. This was my second retreat, and hope to make it an annual event. Thank you Esme for making it so special with your warm, honest and loving personality. X

by Suzy King on Yoga With Esme

Just returned home from the most wonderfully relaxing yoga and reiki retreat ...Esme is an angel! She is so knowledgable about yoga and Reiki, and is so keen to share it with us. I feel totally esmed The food was also amazing, Jo you are another angel. I have been to the shops already, coconut milk and soya yogurt bought! Also Polish live yogurt - Carol would be proud! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ?????

by Elena Sanz on Yoga With Esme

I started doing yoga with Esme 5 years ago and the moment I met her I knew I didn’t want to have a different yoga teacher! She’s dynamic and encouraging but also knows how to make all of us improve! I certainly look forward to each of my yoga classes on Wednesdays!

I love yoga so much that I did my first yoga and nutrition retreat ever with Esme last October. What was not to like about this weekend experience? The house in which we stayed was beautiful and comfortable. The food was amazing and we had time to do yoga, some meditation as well as to wonder around! It was a great way of disconnecting from everything and I came back home feeling energised and relaxed! I would totally recommend it

by Anna Holzberger on Yoga With Esme

Esme is a great teacher - incredibly motivating and committed to help everyone in class across different abilities get the most out of their practice. Before joining her, I would try the occasional taster here and there without getting "into it". Now I am looking forward to her practice all week and am noticing how my strength, balance and confidence have grown over only few months. Thank you Esme!

by Chloe NicDhiarmada on Yoga With Esme

Esme is such an inspiring, open, joyous person. I have completed both Reiki 1 and 2 with Esme and I could not have picked a better Reiki master. She has a very powerful gift, indeed. Her space/energy feels very relaxing and high vibrational, almost other dimensional! She is such an amazing person to be around!

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