Invest in Yourself

Are you feeling stuck or need some direction or reassurance in your life? Connect with your Akashic Records and allow it to guide you.

Through the reading of our Akashic Records, we can reorder and harmonise our present life, allowing us to understand the experiences we have gone through, see each difficult moment as an opportunity for personal growth and, most importantly, move forward. It has a healing effect that allows us to understand conflicts or pending issues in our lives, change the aspects we don’t like, or which hurt us, and discover our gifts and virtues.

What to Expect

To bring us together in the same energy field, Akashic Record readings start with a meditation. You will receive an initial message, and then you can start asking questions, gaining clarity on where you’re going and what you need to do next.

The Akashic Records is where all of your soul’s information is stored; past, present and future. Avoid asking closed questions where the answer is either YES or NO. Instead, aim for such questions as:

  • Why have I met this person and what do they have to teach me?
  • Why do I feel like this?
  • How can I change the direction of my life?

If you book an in-person session, you will receive a recording with all the messages you received during the session. If you have an online session, you will be sent a recording of the session so you can take notes afterwards.


In person at your home or online via Zoom.


£90 for 2 hours

Your Akashic Record holds the Truth of Who You Are – it holds the energy of the Essence of YOU. Tapping into this Truth can bring ease, grace, and clarity to your daily life. 

– Sue Krebs