Learning to read the Akashic Records is split into two phases or levels: Level I relates to the self, and Level II expands to others.

Level I

Level I is the first contact with the infinite Mind and recognise yourself as the channel of Light. Once you’ve made this connection, you’ll easily be able to re-establish communication with your Higher Self and begin to receive answers to your questions from the Book of your Soul.

With the Akasha Method, Masters of Light, not only will you learn to enlighten yourself, but you will also come to the realisation that within your helplessness lies your greatest strength.  

Level I Syllabus

  1. An introduction to the Akashic Records –
    • The history of the Akashic Records.
    • Who are the beings that guard the Akashic Records?
    • How do you read the Akashic Records?
  2. The Seven Planes, Seven Chakras and their activation –
    • What are the Seven Planes?
    • What are the Seven Chakras?
    • How do you cleanse the Chakras for the activation of vital energy?
  3. Creating a Sacred Space with the assistance of the Seven Rays.
  4. Initiation of the first level of Akashic Records, the Sacred Journey.
  5. How to perform a healing self-reading.
  6. The Sacred Wounds –
    • What are the Sacred Wounds?
    • How do you access the Sacred Wounds?
  7. Practices of identification and healing of the Sacred Wounds.
Level II

Level II completes the initial training, teaching you to communicate with the souls of others – human and animals – in addition to continuing to train your own psychic abilities.

At the end of this training, you’ll also be able to perform Healing Readings.

Level II Syllabus

  1. An introduction to the second phase and encountering other souls.
  2. A study of the three transpersonal chakras and their activations.
  3. The Flower of Life.
    • What is the meaning of the Flower of Life?
    • How is it activated?
    • How do you work with the Flower of Life?
  4. Purity and activation of water for the healing of the soul.
  5. Activation of psychic abilities with the master glands.
  6. Initiation to Level II of the Akashic Records and the Sacred Journey.
  7. How do you perform the opening of the Akashic Records on others.


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November, 9am to 6pm


£330 for both levels

Your Akashic Record holds the Truth of Who You Are – it holds the energy of the Essence of YOU. Tapping into this Truth can bring ease, grace, and clarity to your daily life. 


– Sue Krebs