Invest in Yourself

Package 1: Four sessions for beginners, plus a personalised video (£240)

This package is perfect for anyone who wishes to practice yoga but doesn’t know where to start. The four session will help you prepare for general classes, so that when you start you have a basic understanding of yoga and are aware how to adapt each position to your body.

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The cost will drop from £240 to £160 if you swap to a two-to-one session.


Package 2: Injured and Limited (£120)

If you suffer from an injury or have a body limitation, and therefore need a programme that is adapted specifically to you, this is the package you want to buy. In our time together we will find variants to help your body adapt to yoga poses. This will then be followed up with a personalised video to help you strengthen and stretch the affected body parts.

ONGOING PRIVATE SESSIONS: £60 each, or £70 for two people.

Package 1

Four Class Deal for Beginners £240

Package 2

For the Injured and Limited £120

Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body. Yoga is for everybody and EVERY BODY.

– Jessamyn Stanley