Reiki is a Japanese technique.

   Rei means higher power.
   Ki means life force energy.

The world in which we live is comprised of energies. When the energy flows uninterrupted, there is balance and harmony. When the energy flow is interrupted, you feel stressed and sick, imbalanced and dissonant.

Reiki is a ‘laying on hands’ technique that helps the flow of energy, reducing stress, enhancing relaxation, promoting healing and restoring balance and harmony. It can be used on yourself or others, plants or pets, and even spaces to help you feel more comfortable and at peace.   

It’s considered so therapeutic that Reiki is often used as a complementary therapy for many illnesses including cancer and multiple sclerosis. Book now for a Reiki session.

Would you rather something a little more intensive? Book a Holistic Session instead.

These 90-minute sessions merge Reiki, Akashic Record Readings and Meridians.

Reiki Cost

£60 per 60 minutes

Holistic Session Cost

£75 per 90 minutes



Mondays at 11am

Tuesdays at 3pm and 4pm

Wednesdays at 4pm

Fridays at 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm


PLEASE NOTE: Alternative times can be arranged upon request.