Reconnect with Yourself

Our new yoga days are split into two sessions: 

XL Yoga Class

This Extra Large yoga class includes breath work and meditation, intention setting to start the year, and a session of Vinyasa Flow. You’ll be given a number of variations so everyone has the appropriate choice of them, regardless of their level and ability. We’ll then end with holotropic breathing, which will take us directly into relaxation.

Yin Nidra
This is a group healing session. We’ll start the afternoon with myofascial release follow by a long session where we will be  holding positions in the Yin style, during which I will be walking around the class offering all participants Reiki. The last half hour will be a guided Yoga Nidra, a practice through which  we move our awareness from the external world to our inner world, bringing ourselves to a state of deep sleep where our senses, intellect and mind, relax completely. 


All levels welcome.

Next Dates

Next date to be confirmed

You can book the whole day for £50 OR individual sessions for £30.
(If spaces available)

Who Should Attend

Both sessions suit all levels and abilities.

It is, however, a great session for athletes as there will be lots of tips in how to gain flexibility through strength and resistant work as well and myofascial release. 

What to Bring

All equipment will be supplied but I recommend you bring your own mat and cosy blanket. Having your own therapy balls is recommended for hygienic reasons. 

Day Retreat FAQs

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There is an hour and half break between the sessions so enough time to get some fresh air, wrap a bite to eat and join us for the afternoon. 

Of course! You can book the whole day for £50 OR individual sessions for £30.