Take a Leap of Faith

Shockingly, there are still so many people who won’t try yoga because they believe they’re either not going to be good at it or they’re inflexible. 
Allow me the opportunity to prove you wrong!
In this six week transformation programme, I will make you fall in love with yoga and give you the tools to use it to your best advantage. It’s my speciality, after all – to make people fall in love with the practice.
Six weeks is all you and your body need to become yoga proficient.
In this time, I will guide you through: 
  • the basics of yoga,
  • a little bit of yoga history,
  • breathing techniques,
  • short meditation practices, and
  • the right alignment and variations to build a safe and consistent asana practice. 

With this knowledge, you can join any yoga class in the world with confidence and ability!


Complete Beginners or Anyone Who Needs to Learn the Basics

Next Dates

Tuesday 12th of March until 16th of April 7.30-8.30pm

Fall in love with yoga!